ASB Head Office

ASB Head Office

The team from BVN Architecture and Jasmax consulted with Architectural Metalformers to create the architects’ vision of a dramatic, conical, volcano-shaped roof.

ASB Head Office Roof

Location: Auckland
Product: Smarttray Double Locked Tapered Standing Seam Tray Roofing
Surface: 1600 sqm
Architect: BVN Architecture and Jasmax
Main Contractor: Fletcher Construction

Located on the corner of Jellicoe and Halsey streets and looking directly over the viaduct itself, the feature roof was a challenge to conventional tray roof design/installation and is destined to change the local skyline for many years to come.

To achieve the free-flowing lines associated with a natural volcanic shape, the designers opted for faceted roofing sheets for the corners, as well as for the concave and convex surfaces of the kidney-shaped northern aspect. This gives the illusion of soft curved corners. The company’s initial concerns about working on a 60° roof pitch proved accurate and extreme care had to be taken while working on these tricky surfaces.

Initially the team from Architectural Metalformers had planned to work from CAD drawings but minor “as built” variations resulted in the team resorting to tape measures, string lines and a notepad. Good old trigonometry functions were essential to come up with a quick, efficient and accurate system for transferring the details back to the factory for production into the Smarttray sheets, each with its own unique sequenced number relating back to its exact spot on the roof.

To efficiently manufacture the tapered panels we made a significant investment in new machinery from Europe, including specific equipment to install the horizontal expansion joint to each panel.

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