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At Architectural Metalformers our team of experts will lead you through the entire process of design, manufacture and installation, ensuring complete peace of mind. 

Smart Tray Standing Seam Roofing

Standing Seam is a European inspired tray roofing profile. It encapsulates the best of the traditional style roofing with the advantages of using modern technology.

A feature of Standing Seam roofing is the ability to adjust tray widths to suit the project requirements ensuring symmetry across the roof. It can also be completed in a single or double lock.

Standing seam is fixed to a solid substrate which is usually plywood. 


  • Depending on seam height, a minimum pitch of 3° or 5° is achievable.

  • Enables designers to use the profile to conform to height restrictions on most residential projects.

  • Tray widths vary from 250-510mm with an upstand of 25 or 38mm.

Smart Tray Standing seam can be manufactured in the following materials:

 - Copper

 - Aluminium

 - Bronze

 - Zinc

 - Steel

 - Bronze

Roofing Quick Guide
  • Minimum pitch: A 3° minimum pitch in accordance with E2/AS1.

  • Maximum span: For Lock Seam roofing, 450mm distance spacing between purlins.

  • Maximum length: Architectural Metalformers have successfully installed panels to 27 metres.

  • Installation Smart tray roofing: Is only available through Architectural Metalformers specialist trained installers.

  • Venting of plywood substrate: Is recommended for all Skillion roofs, achieved through our innovative flashing systems.

  • Plywood substrate: All roofs apart from Lock Seam require a solid minimum 15mm treated plywood substrate.

  • Dissimilar materials: Care should be taken when selecting materials that are in direct contact with each other. Please contact us if you require more information.

  • Colours: Colour charts and/or samples are available upon request. 

  • Materials available: All products with the exception of Lock Seam are available in copper, aluminium, zinc, steel and bronze. Lock Seam is available in only aluminium and steel.

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