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At Architectural Metalformers our team of experts will lead you through the entire process of design, manufacture and installation, ensuring complete peace of mind. 


The set out and installation are streamlined as the system allows us to determine our own datum and with the dual bracket system, we can also achieve vertical and horizontal adjustments by our expert teams of installers.


The crucial internal gutter fall is housed within the smart-Lok bracket, hidden behind the fascia-Lok panel so your dead-true continuous horizontal band is assured, smart, innovative, and stylish.

A sleek design with unobtrusive joints expressed as a negative detail, which can be made to align with other elements on site such as mullions.


Profiles available:

  • Square, Box, Stepped and Taper or Raking Front.


Key Advantages:

  • Clean horizontal band

  • Gutter fall is hidden

  • Fascia heights customise between 250mm to 860mm

  • Tie in the gutter and barge ends on gable roofs

  • Complete recyclable environmentally friendly materials

  • Thermal expansion is allowed for in the system

  • Scaling achieved to use thicker gauge of fascia panel from 1.6mm to 5mm

  • Suitable for both residential and commercial projects

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