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The Standing Seam Metal Wall Cladding system is one of the most flexible cladding systems available, for either roofing or facades. The end result is a clean minimalist finish that adds value to your property. 

Standing Seam Metal Cladding includes Snaplock, Lockseam, and Traditional (double or single lock) techniques. 

Our team at Architectural Metalformers provides Standing Seam Metal Tray Cladding to the Auckland market and upper North Island. 

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  • Providing a clean minimalist finish that shows enhanced longitudinal seam features with dramatic shading effects.

  • Façades are carefully wrapped in the selected metal to give a very contemporary look and feel to the structure.

  • The trays can be installed in the vertical or horizontal orientation and we are able to adjust tray widths to suit the project requirements.

  • Tray widths vary from 250-510mm with an upstand of 25mm.

  • It is this flexibility that has designers creatively introducing new elements such as randomly mixed tray sizes across a façade or two (barcode effect).

LockSeam Cladding.jpg


  • No plywood substrate required

  • This product is installed with the same robust flashing system and attention to detailing as Architectural Metalformers’ traditional cladding.



This is the ideal product to use to create a point of difference on your project. This does however require pre-design and planning and you are advised to consult Architectural Metalformers early in your design process.


  • Suitable for most cladding projects.

  • With its unique narrower profile, it is particularly suited to accommodate curved façade designs with a formed width of 305mm.

  • Concave and convex shapes can be achieved.

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Flatlock panels offer an elegant cladding solution for mid to large format facades with the panels providing an enhanced longitudinal flat seam.

The system involves laying the panels on a compatible ply substrate that is fixed to the supporting structure (masonry or metal). To ensure the best possible quality and size in relation to the façade, the panels can be manufactured to the individual shape and size requirements.

This system requires pre-design and planning and you are encouraged to consult with the team at Architectural Metalformers to receive design advice.


  • The system uses an interlocking fold on all four sides and can be installed either horizontally or vertically. The pre-formed panels are installed with concealed clips. 



The Batten Cap profile has clean minimalist trays. Façades are carefully clad in the selected metal to give a very contemporary look and feel to the structure.


  • Thicker 38x50mm Batten Cap Seam profile adds significant aesthetic value by introducing a traditional board and batten effect to the wall.

  • The enhanced shading effect on the façade is very attractive as lighting conditions change.

  • An additional feature of Standing Seam cladding is the ability to adjust the tray widths to suit the project specific requirements.

  • Trays can be installed in the vertical or horizontal orientation.

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The Smart Tray 510 Standing Seam Custom Panel is ideal for a bespoke/custom-made cladding requirement. Please consult Architectural Metalformers early in your design process to ensure the best possible outcome.


  • This is the ideal product to use to create a point of difference and these projects typically involve a tapered, splayed or curved panel that requires pre-design and planning.


  • Maximum length Architectural Metalformers have successfully installed panels to 10 metres.

  • Installation: Smart Tray metal cladding is only available through Architectural Metalformers specialist trained installers.

  • Plywood substrate: All cladding apart from Lock Seam and Interlocking Panel require a solid minimum 15mm treated plywood substrate.

  • Joinery: A multitude of joinery positions are available with our cladding systems, please contact our technical team at the start of design process.

  • Dissimilar materials: Care should be taken when selecting materials that are in direct contact with each other. Please contact us if you require more information.

  • Colours: Colour charts and/or samples are available upon request.

  • Materials available: All products with the exception of Lock Seam are available in copper, aluminium, zinc, steel and bronze. Lock Seam is available in only aluminium and steel.