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  • What materials do we install?
    We install roofing, cladding and cappings/flashings, soffits, louvre chimneys and garage/entrance doors in aluminium, copper, bronze, Colorcote steel and zinc.
  • Why choose metal roofing?
    Metal serves to seal out water and withstand winds. Metal is also resistant to fire and won’t rot. We use lightweight material that has very minimal maintenance requirements and has a modern but timeless aesthetic with a longer lifespan than other alternative materials. ​ The products we install are capable of handling coastal and harsh environments with appropriate warranties.
  • Why choose standing seam?
    With standing seam roof and cladding profiles the wide panels are folded together to create a waterproof join. These can be installed to create simple or custom designs. ​ We install using European tray roofing methods that have been used for centuries and clearly stand the test of time.
  • Is ply base necessary?
    Many of our profiles are designed to be installed on a plywood base however, Lockseam can be installed on purlins or rails which has a standing seam look.
  • What are hidden fixings?
    Our installation includes the use of hidden clips that are fixed to the substrate below. These clips allow for expansion and contraction of the sheets as the temperature changes. As well as this, being hidden gives it increased waterproofing ability.
  • Can I put solar panels on these roofs?
    Yes – a range of solar panels can be attached to our profiles. To prevent voiding warranties it's best to check the panel fixing with us before proceeding.
  • What is a warm roof?
    A warm roof is where the dew point is on the outside of the building. This is achieved through insulating the top of the roof instead of insulation being installed under the roof cavity as is traditionally done. Warm roofs don’t need venting in the ceiling cavity for airflow and prevent dampness inside the roof and are widely used overseas for their insulation efficiency. We have installed a number of warm roofs and are aware of the requirements for this to be successful.
  • Can the metal be recycled?
    Many of our chosen materials have a portion of recycled metal and all materials are completely recyclable at the end of their life.
  • Can you supply guttering and downpipes?
    Yes - we can install all types from standard through to complex custom-made guttering and downpipes
  • What do I need to know about dissimilar metals?
    During the design phase of any project it is important to investigate metal compatibility of the materials you intend to use on your project. For more details speak to our team.
  • Can you hear rain through a standing seam roof?
    Insulation in line with building standards provides adequate sound dampening in most situations and many of our profiles are installed on plywood that provides additional dampening. If this is of concern speak to our team for further solutions.


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